Sunday, May 1, 2011

May project planning

I'm getting a new niece!  My SIL is due any day now (she wishes that it were yesterday) and it's another little girl.  So, my first planned project is a layette for Penny, Simplicity 2900---

It'll be my first time to make this one, and I'm omitting the bonnet and the stupid angel embroidery.  I've also redrawn the dress pattern so that it'll have two dresses--a long one and a short one--and I'm making facings for the slips because, frankly, I hate bias binding neck and arm holes.  Don't get me wrong, I love the bonnet.  I think it's adorable.  But my SIL doesn't want it, so I'm making the rest.  One dress and saque will be purple and the other pink.

My other project for her is a Hip Mama Diaper Bag.  Joanna, my SIL, needs a new one.  And of course, there's quilts.

Male Pattern Boldness
I'm also participating in the MPB jeans sew along! I'm making some jeans for Evie.  She's too tall for RTW 2T and too slender for 3T, so since she's still measuring a sewing pattern 2, I'm going to try making Jalie 968 for her and lengthen where necessary.  I'm sewing cookie ribbon around the bottom and a Cookie Monster patch on one leg.  And the pocket lining will be Cookie Monster fabric.

If I enter, probably my most urgent project is for the Apron Contest over on Pattern Review.  If I do it, it'll be Simplicity 2699--

I like View C the best.  And Evie could use an apron for when she's "helping".  (Which, as we all know, toddlers love 'helping' but don't, really!)

I've already signed up for the vintage contest because I sew vintage for the girls as a matter of course because there's more variety in little girls' clothes if you look at out-of-print, older patterns.  Really, I have a list of dresses for Gracie this summer, including at least five vintage offerings, plus two modern sundresses.  We've decided that since she's all girly-girl, and loves dresses anyway, that they're just as easy as jeans for her.  More on those later, though.

So what do y'all have planned for this month?

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