Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's been a very long few weeks.  I've been sewing like a madwoman, but haven't had much in the way of idle time--I've managed to make 14 outfits for the girls, including the crisscross dresses I posted about last.  Now with the girls safely off and in Florida, I actually have some breathing space!  Tonight, I'm still not coherent enough to be able to post much, but tomorrow, I'll start off with Vintage toy patterns.  Honestly, I'm in love with 'em.  They're better than the few and far between modern ones, because there was a time when most toys were homemade because store bought toys were so expensive.  I've made quite a few toys since Gracie, Ricky, Lizzy, and Nikki came into our lives.  And, according to Gracie, the toys Aunt Laura makes are better than the others she gets.  Four years, and every year she's gotten at least one doll from me.  Growing up, my grandmother used to give all of us handmade presents, and it was something I wanted to pass on.  The presents we got from Grandma Clay were always to be looked forward to because you never knew what, exactly would be coming out of the wrapping paper.  Things like Henrietta Hippo, the poop duck, small bears.... the list goes on. 

Vintage toy patterns are also fairly easy to come by, because people sell photocopies of them on ebay.  Once the copyright is expired, they're fair game for that.  I think that the reason clothing pattern aren't being sold that way is because of size--toy patterns are small, and clothing patterns aren't.  So until tomorrow, because I really need to spend some more quality time examining the backs of my eyelids!

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