Sunday, March 18, 2012

More things I've learned about raising kids

Heck, I don't remember what number we're up to now, but....

People will fuss more over an almost naked baby than a beautifully dressed one.  (Which is why I sometimes kind of wonder why we bother to sew clothes for them.  Oh wait, they're cuter and warmer that way!)  It's true.  Case in point-- Saturday, which is usually 1/2 price day at these things, we went to two consignment sales.  Boo had a poopy diaper, so I took her into the bathroom to change her.  Got the diaper off, her cleaned up, and was reaching for a clean diaper when she decided that poop wasn't the only thing she had to get rid of!  Now, at the time, we hadn't paid for anything yet, and I didn't have any extra clothes on me.  So I cleaned her up again, dried her off, and put her in a clean diaper and then in the stroller.  Went up to pay and the same people who hadn't paid her any attention fifteen minutes before had to gush over the naked baby.

And this brings me to the next one:

If you don't have a spare outfit on you, something will happen, like a diaper malfunction, that will mean you need one immediately.  Which is why I keep three full changes of clothes on hand at all times for both girls!

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