Friday, March 30, 2012

On not sewing

I look around at all the other blogs I read, and it seems like everyone except me is working on projects.  The thing, is, I've spent the past month and a half moving in and out of my house so the exterminators could do their job.  Today, we finished cleaning out the storage space and got everything home.  Which means that there are boxes everywhere, and while I now have my supplies back, until I get everything unpacked and arranged, the next project will be bows to go with the Easter dresses I picked up second hand instead of trying to make them.  Now normally, the girls would probably get a lovely embroidered and beribboned creation from me.  But at a Community Yard Sale, I lucked into a Strasburg dress in the right size for Gracie for $5.  Now, (my camera was in storage) I don't have pictures, but it's a pale sagey green and 100% silk.  I did have to get it cleaned, but I couldn't buy the fabric (Duponi silk runs around $17/yard) to make it for what I paid for the dress and cleaning it. 

I've been checking Strasburg dresses for Lizzy lately on ebay because they tend to be longer than most RTW, and she needs the length.  And lucky, lucky me, I actually found a coordinating 100% silk Strasburg dress for baby sister Nikki in the right size.  And even more fortunate, I have ribbons in my stash that match, color-wise.  So tomorrow, after the library Easter egg hunt we're hoping to take Gracie and Nikki to, I'll be making bows to match the dresses. 

All it requires, is a little teeny bit of hand stitching to smush the ribbon together.  I may not be able to use my preferred thread, but I already located a tub of old thread that will do, and I know exactly where the boxes with the ribbon and hot glue gun are!  But actual, real sewing will have to wait until my house is livable again.  Right now, the bonus room is piled high with boxes and there are boxes, bags, and bins spread all over the house.  I hate moving!

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