Sunday, January 6, 2013

First 2013 project

Baby sewing!  I've given these away several times, and they've always been a hit--extra large receiving blankets.  They're fast, easy, and best of all--cheap!  Most commercial blankets are just too small, and like most baby items, they're kinda expensive.  I usually give away four at a time, which ends up costing about $20 which isn't expensive for a baby present.  (I had major sticker shock when I went shopping for baby presents before Grace came along!)  Joanna asked for several for Nikki, and since that was what people were going to see of her, I made them all in pretty, girly colors like pink, purple, and turquoise.  Which just won't do for Baby Alex.  So I went shopping for fabric with Nicole and Grace online. carries double-napped flannel.  My mom, who remembers the era before disposable diapers existed, calls it "diaper flannel."  Fleece or minky would also work for this if it's for a winter baby, but Alex is due in April, so flannel is just right! One yard cuts make excellent receiving blankets.

Grace picked out a cloud pattern, and Nikki picked out the busy robots. First step is to cut off the selvedge edges.  (My good shears have been sent in for sharpening, so I'm using my back up Fiskers that I sharpened myself.  *sigh*  Want my Ginghers back!)

I try and cut off as little as possible so the result is a fairly big blanket.

Now round off the corners.  You can do 'em square, but I like the round look.

Set the serger to rolled hem or picot edge.  You can do this with a rolled hem foot on your sewing machine, too.

Serge.  My serger and I used to have an agreement--I wouldn't attempt to serge curves, and it would live to sew another day.  I've gotten over the learning curve a bit now, and here's some tips for doing curves:

1) turn off your cutting blade.  Trust me.  then if you screw up, you don't have a huge hole in your fabric.

2) take it slow
3) line up your edge with the edge of the front of the needle plate.

Technically speaking, you're done now, and you have an extra-large receiving blanket.  But being me, I added one more step. 

I drew register lines with a pencil on my fabric and marked out "I love you" and then hand embroidered it. I decided that it would be less scratchy than a label, and it's a personal touch to them.

The lines washed out nicely, and if they were going to a baby shower, I'd probably iron 'em.  But they're not.  They're going in a drawer in the baby's room and I'm lazy.  So they're folded nicely and in a box for the trip home.

And it's true.  I already love the little guy, and I haven't met him yet.  His sisters are great kiddos... even Miss Imp.  Can't wait to meet you little one.  See you in April.

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