Friday, January 18, 2013

Two-Tone Polka Dot bliss! (Or. the magic invisible dress)

We love pink and brown here on Granny Lane, and because I'm fairly lazy when it comes to matching up stripes, polka dots are a favorite!  (I have and do match up stripes... just not on a deadline!)  Last year, Bit asked for a "corduroy dress" when winter rolled around.  But life with a colicky baby didn't include much in the way of sewing time--regular sewing time was collapse-in-exhaustion-and-fall-asleep time!  My starting point was McCall's 3333 from 1987.  How surreal is it that "vintage" is clothing that I could have worn has a child?!

I fell in love with the asymmetrical bodice and just had to make it.  Most vintage patterns run short--dresses started being exceedingly short for little girls in the 20s and didn't start getting long until the 90s.  Knee length or a little longer is my preferred because they grow and then the dresses last longer.  Just to put this in perspective, though, the finished length is 18 inches... and tunic length on Gracie is 17.  Talk about micro mini! 

Because I planned this for last year, the materials came out of my stash, because, well, I bought 'em last year intending to make this.

Let me tell you a secret--I don't install sleeves in the round if I can help it.  Serging is easier, and installing the sleeve is easier, too!  I love the contrast in these colors, and the dots are opposite colors.  Grace actually picked out what color the piping and binding were.  I wanted hot pink so they'd pop, but she insisted on "pink-pink"

The skirt on this is shaped to match the shape of the bodice, and the right sleeve was installed before the left, because the arm hole is a four piece one--you have to sew on the skirt before you have a complete arm hole!

I admit, why I did this one had nothing to do with Project Run and Play sew alongs and everything to do with the fact that it was the only dress I had planned for Grace that zips up instead of buttons.  My machine is in the shop, and Mom's is refusing to do buttonholes! 

Gracie likes it, but she said that she wouldn't wear it where anyone can see her.  When asked why, she told me that it's a magic dress that turns her invisible!

I didn't know I could make magic dresses!

She did finally say that she'd wear it to church, which is great since we're having a cold snap right now.

Grace is just getting into 4s, so this is a bit loose still, and I made it a little long on purpose.  Mostly because she grew two inches in between Christmas and the three days before when I'd measured her and made her a Christmas night gown.

Happy Polka Dots and Stripes Challenge everybody!


  1. I love how you did the bodice....what a creative soul you are!

  2. Thank you! It was different, and that's really what I'm attracted to--it's why I do so much vintage. I do wish it was less loose, but that's sorta with the fact that I sew lots of vintage... 50s especially. I'm used to more fitted things these days.

  3. Very creative! I like the look of the bodice especially!

  4. How cute! I love the bodice design.