Friday, September 4, 2015


Has it really been over two years? What can I say? It's been difficult and my sewing projects are few and far between. Seeing as I have a bit more time now that my sister-in-law is staying home (though I'll still have the baby a couple days a week) I'm going to try and update this old blog with projects. There aren't that many--I've mainly been sewing for birthdays and Christmas, and exclusively stash sewing--but I'd like to talk about them.

Lately, the project has been teaching Gracie to sew. She started asking at three, but to my mind wasn't old enough because she didn't follow directions yet. We've learned to sew buttons and regular seams and made three projects-- a pillow and two sets of doll clothes. See, I bought an inexpensive American Girl knock off for her to sew for. She can't take it home until it has a complete wardrobe. Right now, it's living on my mantle piece and she's already picked the next project for it. Apparently, Emma needs a dress to wear to church!

This is Gracie and Emma with our first project-- a cami and pj pants. We got to learn how to make casings and hems and how to cut out a pattern. We also learned a bit about knits, and I found out that Grace is a bit afraid of my big old Pfaff. I bought her a 1/2 size machine that the top speed is a lot slower and it has less power than my Pfaff 1222E.. I figured it would be harder for her to sew through her fingers with it, and it's closer to her size without being a toy. She picked the pattern and the fabric.

As with the last one, Grace picked the pattern, fabric, and trims. :) She also asked me why I'd never made her a pillowcase dress. I don't think she liked my answer--I just don't like them! Which, to be honest, is probably why she wants to make a standard dress next time. This one, we got to work with sewing on trims and shank buttons.

Honestly? My aim in this is really to give her the tools she needs so that she can maintain her own clothes when she grows up. If she wants to take it further, then that's wonderful! But really, sewing is a life skill. One that I want all three kids very much to have. When Nikki and Alex get older, I'll make sure both of them know the basics as well. And I will probably start the same way-- sewing lines of stitches on paper.

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