Friday, September 16, 2011


I'm still doing the Supergirl outfit.  If she doesn't wear it for Halloween, it'll make a fine dress-up outfit.  But for two weeks, all we've heard is "I want to be a Pumpkin for Halloween."  And today, it was "I want to be a nice pumpkin, not a scary pumpkin, but with fangs and big teeth."  *sigh*  Not specific is she? 

Hello Simplicity 2788.  I'll have to change the smile, and instead of that velour jumpsuit, we'll be wearing a leotard and either tights or leggings--whichever is the least expensive.  I'll be stuffing it with wadded up newspaper balls and putting a lining in it out of muslin to keep the newsprint from staining.  It'll be lighter, cooler, and cheaper than using batting or fleece.  I learned the hard way with the Foofa costume two years ago--

I made it out of craft felt, thinking that because it would be nice and warm that it was a good thing.  But it's usually just starting to get cold  and more raw than anything at Halloween.  Poor kid was completely overheated because it was simply too warm.

So it's knit or spandex and broadcloth this year.  And the hat is only a perhaps because my SIL says she can get a super cute headband for a pumpkin costume. 

Bit has learned that if there's something wearable that she wants, Aunt Laura is a bit of a patsy when it comes to dressing her.  It's a hard economy.  She's taller than most kids her age and is now in 4Ts just for the length.  And my brother and SIL are struggling to make ends meet.  We're lucky enough that we don't have to worry about paying the bills, and I shop smart.  I spend time researching before I buy anything.  I go for the most value for my money, shop on sales, and use coupons at the fabric store.  When it's cheaper, I buy from etsy, ecrater, bonazle, or ebay.  Which means that Bit and her sister get clothes that fit that you'd have to go to stores other than say... Target, Wal-Mart, or K-Mart to buy.  The girls have made me incredibly thankful that my mother took the time to teach me sewing basics.  I've learned a lot more from the internet.

Aside from the "Nice pumpkin with fangs and big teeth" today, Bit picked up the fabric I have laid aside for a dress for her.  I was waiting for my pattern to arrive because I managed to track it down one size bigger.  She brought it to me, gave hugs and kisses and said, "Thank you for making my dress Aunt Laura."  Great reward!

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