Sunday, September 4, 2011

weekly goals

Since it's my usual no-sewing day here on Granny Lane, I decided to go ahead and plan my projects of the week.

1) Finish the pay-back dress.  I'm tired of it hanging around and taunting me

2) make at least one pair of Gracie's new jeans

3) Finish drafting Nikki's coat (started that last week.  I'm trying to make matching coats for both Gracie and BB.)

4) Make the matching blouse for Gracie's jeans.

5) if there's any time left, enlarge the pattern for Gracie's blue jean jumper.

The jeans, jumper, and blouse are all meant to go together.  It's all bumblebee stuff AKA Georgia Tech yellow jackets.   We're a Tech family--three of us went there.  Geoff has a Master's from there, and Sarah and Jared bachelor's.  So we (naturally) cheer for Buzz's team!

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