Friday, May 11, 2012

The mail run-around

I know it's been radio silence here for a while, but in my defense, it's toy season.  See, all the kiddos were born in May.  So that means that I'm busily making toys in April and through May... and then it starts over again in October and November!  And sometimes, the supplies I need for them have to be ordered, because I can't get them locally.  So it was with soutache braid for Gracie's Alice in Wonderland doll. 

Now, this is a 40s dolly pattern.  Which means that this sort of thing was more readily available.  Joanns in our area has three colors of soutache braid--red, silver, and black.  So  I started looking at online sources for soutache braid.  Ebay was first, but after a disappointing experience, I turned to Etsy.  And the only people that had it in the right color were overseas.  Of course.  So I ordered it.  But we weren't home when the package got here, so because it had to be "signed for" being overseas, they left a slip.

Today, we went after the package, and what should have taken 20 minutes, tops, took two hours!  The guy behind our tiny post office's counter said that they didn't handle that sort of thing anymore and sent us to the next biggest one where we had to wait in line, again, to be told that it was at our local post office, and have their manager call our post office!  So in the girls go again to their car seats (And by this time, Nikki is having a meltdown because it's getting close to naptime and she wants her bottle of warm milk) and we make the trip back to our post office and after waiting in line again, we finally get the letter sized package of five metres of blue soutache braid.  Which, by the way is a perfect match to the fabric of the Alice dress.

I'm afraid I don't have pictures today, either, because I have yet to locate my camera battery charger and extra battery, and the camera is almost dead!  As soon as Alice has actual clothing, I'll talk about the toys and what I've been up to, lately!

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