Saturday, May 19, 2012

Well, *that* was worth it!

The past week, I've been fiddling with knits--swimsuit knits specifically.  I got a great deal on swimsuit fabric, making it completely cost effective to make swimming suits for the girls this year.  Total cost for one is around $5.  Which means that I broke out the size 4 double needles to do hems, etc.  Here I was, sewing merrily along, hemming the armhole of Gracie's tankini, when the red plastic stop at the top of the needle broke, hit me in the face, and dropped the needle into the machine.  I dug around and found another to keep sewing, but the more I thought about it, the madder I got.  I'm a penny pincher, I admit it.  I pinch a penny 'til it screams as much as I possibly can.  And twin needles are not cheap.

So I went to Schmetz's website, found an email form, and complained.  Within hours, I got a response, asking for my snail mail address with an apology and an offer of a free needle.  Of course, I sent it along, and today, I got a package-- three needles and a helpful how-to-choose-your-needle booklet! 

Totally worth the ten minutes it took to complain!  I know I've been absent lately, but Granny Lane has gotten really busy.  This week, expect a post on vintage toys and the patterns they're made from, the Tangled dress from Simplicity 2065, and if I manage it, the finish on the swimming suits.  Gracie and Nikki and their parents go on vacation to Florida in June, so there's a lot of sewing to do between now and then for vacation outfits!

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