Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

I meant to have dresses made for the girls to show off today, along with a tutorial on pattern hacking to get matching dresses, but the past two weeks have been so insane that I never even managed to get them cut out.  So happy Independence Day, anyway, and here's a project from last year!

This is a favorite summer sundress pattern around here, and I was going to "fix" a pinafore pattern to make a matching one for Nikki.  The fabric for this year was different and since I have five yards, will probably keep until next year!  ($1.50/yard from Wal-Mart plus red broadcloth = inexpensive dresses!)


  1. Cute little dress, and I smiled when I saw it photographed on the back of a door! I have just started blogging ( not sure if anyone is reading it!!!) and I posted some pictures on the back of a door, and wondered if that was ok. In my next post I photographed them on a washing line in the garden, which would have looked pretty if the sun was shining, but here in the UK the sun is just not being co operative!!!! I would love you to visit my blog and let me know how I am doing. Criticism is always welcome!

  2. Thanks, Nancy! I don't know if it's correct, either. But, well, I don't own a form and the door is convenient and white, both!