Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer dresses!

Okay, so I currently only have one.  :)   And it's Nikki's.  But hey, I'm cutting out one for Gracie today because they both need some pretty dresses for Church.  This particular one is Simplicity 2376.  It was one of those patterns that went out of print fast--I mean, it was only really available one season, while they still have some patterns in print that I bought when Bit was a baby.  My only real complaint is the fact that it fastens with a zipper.  I mean really!  A zipper on a baby dress?  Granted, this is technically a toddler dress, even if it is the smallest size.  And it's not alone.  Winter dresses for the girls will be including dresses for Nikki that have zippers, too.

The only thing I purchased for this dress specifically was the purple, 9" zipper. Everything else came from my stash--like most people who sew, I have a habit of picking up fabric I like when I can get it cheaply.  And I knew that my SIL loves both purple and plaids, so I knew it would be a hit.  I might have to make a bow for Boo to wear in her hair--she kept trying to put the dress bow in her hair yesterday before I sewed it on and got mad when it fell out!

Next up, a vintage sundress for Gracie!

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