Saturday, August 18, 2012

Totally Thrifted

Another Saturday in August, another (well 2) consignment sale down.  We have two left in my area--one in two weeks, and the last in the middle of September.  The thrift stores around here stink most of the time.  I read about other people's finds and drool because I never find things like fabric or vintage patterns in these parts!  Clothes used to be more fun, before the economy went into the crapper.  The South is historically the first hit, hardest hit, and last to recover from these things!  So anyway, consignment seasons--May and August--are my big time for thrifted clothes and toys for the kids.  I didn't manage pictures of the brand-new coat and two dresses we scored for Nicole on Thursday.  What can I say?  Cranky kids and really, I spent too much for what I go do to whiny kiddos and Gracie getting mad because I wouldn't buy her a little toy that she doesn't need!  I did garner some weird looks when I told her to want in one hand and spit in the other and see which one gets full first.   I was once again, "Mean Aunt Laura"--a title I hold with pride!  So anyway, let's go back to last week's finds.

This is a size 6 sweater for Gracie.  She has a bad track record with sweaters because she usually deems them too "itchy" to wear.  But this one is incredibly soft, so we have hopes.  :) And for $1.50, what do we have to lose?

This is a size 5 Carriage Boutique dress.  It didn't photograph extremely well, but it's a cute brown corduroy jumper with rosebuds embroidered on it, and the shirt is pink with brown polka dots.  This one was expensive at $10, but they weren't going to mark it down, was it was a matter of buying it then or waiting for it to disappear!  (And, well, I know the brand and it's an expensive one!)

Our last and best find was a Zero Xposur coat for Grace.  It's a 5/6 and looks barely worn--which, considering the lack of last winter, isn't really surprising!  I piddled around the internet and located it.  It was an $80 coat. 

Originally, it came with fleece mittens and a scarf.  Now the mittens weren't there, but it's a warm looking coat and in Grace's favorite colors--purple and pink.

And for $10, there wasn't a chance of leaving it behind! 

Y'all have seen Nikki's new dress and coat, so all that's left is the lightweight jacket that had jeans with it.  It's huge compared to her now, but, well, babies grow.

And while we're mainly working with what handmedowns we have from Grace, this was one of the cute things that followed me home.  ;) At least this year we've got the handmedowns--last year we didn't because they were ruined in the 2009 flood! 

I've got more to share with y'all, but as there aren't any sales next week, I figure that I can take a bit of time.  Happy thrifting!

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