Thursday, August 9, 2012

Totally Thrifted Thursday.

It's consignment season here in Georgia again. For those who don't know, about twice a year, preschools and consignment organizations hold sales where you can get new and gently used kids' clothes for a fraction of their retail prices. They usually run Thursday-Saturday, and it's standard for Saturday to be 1/2 price day. It's worth it, though to go the first day, because you can miss some fantastic deals otherwise. And if there's something you're specifically looking for, like coats, you have to go the first day, because that sort of thing disappears quickly. The best I ever found was a pair of jeans and six tops for Gracie for $1.50. Yeah, they're second hand, but so what? Wash 'em and they're good as new. You do have to be picky (which I am), but it's possible to get beautiful clothing that's barely worn this way. For the next few weeks, anyway, I'll be sharing my finds--preferably on Thursdays when I'm child-free!

This is a three piece set--a diaper cover, sleeveless dress, and a coat.  Great for church on Sunday, and it looks like it was hung in a closet and never actually worn.  Yay consignment!  If I went to Macy's, I'm pretty sure I could find something like this, but I'd sure pay more for it there than the $1 I paid for it at the consignment sale!  Can't make 'em for that!

The coat is actually collarless and  it's a four-button coat.  The collar we can see is from the dress:

Consignment sales are actually better for baby clothes than any other size, so in a way this wasn't a surprising find, though the price was!  This is 18-24 months, so it's a little big for Nikki right now, but hey, kiddos grow, and I just couldn't pass it up!

Now this isn't the only purchase I made today, but I figure to only share one at a time...

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