Friday, November 2, 2012

Babies and sewing machine feet.

I'm the proud owner of a Pfaff 1222E.  Yes, it's older than I am, but it's a workhorse and as it's mechanical, it will never get a virus or have a software problem.  I know where I can get it fixed and as the walking foot is built in, I have less problems than a lot of people.  I was also lucky enough to get a complete set of sewing machine feet before Grace was born for $10.  And those feet have served me well... until two months ago when Nicole threw my buttonhole foot away.

See, this was how Impling got her new nickname.  She's a sweet baby, but she gets these looks on her face that mean she's planning trouble.  and her fascination with throwing things (like Mommy's Ipod Touch) in the trash has led to that!  (The Ipod was two weeks ago.  *sigh* Nikki, what are we gonna do with you, Sweetheart?)  Since we didn't figure out exactly what happened until the week after the event, my buttonhole foot was long since consigned to the dump.  So that started off a month and a half of searching.  I can easily find the feet, yes, but I'm sooo not willing to buy a new-to-me machine to get it.  I have a perfectly good machine--I just didn't have the foot.  and truthfully, my buttonholes look better when using the proper foot for them.

I contacted every seller who had one, offering $10 over the current market value if they'd separate it from the machine they were selling.  I posted ads.  I even asked around on Pfaff boards and the vintage Pfaff list.  Nada.  Until last week.

Ahh, my new buttonhole foot.  How do I love thee.  I will take him home and love him and squeeze him and call him George.  He will be my pet, my good pet, and I will feed him and brush him, and give him baths..  *ahem*  Sorry, got a bit carried away!  ;)

To make it even better, I also scored a new pedal from the same seller.  Both mine and the one from the 1222 have electrical problems.  Since mine and my mom's machine (the 1222) are only one model apart, feet and the pedals are interchangeable, among other accessories.  But in both, there are breaks in the line somewhere that make them not-quite-functional.  So now I have one that's listed as functioning perfectly and--eventually--I'll buy replacement cords and work on rewiring the old ones.  Everybody have a great day!

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