Sunday, November 18, 2012

Confession and Thanksgiving craftiness

I have a confession to make.  I'm just paranoid enough that I don't use my nieces' real names on this blog.  Ever since my brother's best friend's little boy (he's Grace's age) got his identity stolen, I've been being a bit more careful about things like the kids' names.  So I've replaced the names I originally wrote on the following picture with blog names.

Does anybody remember doing this?  It is a little old for Nikki, but I'm sure she'll have a grand time making a mess with the glue.  Originally, I'd thought to leave this for a few years with her, but when I started tracing Gracie's hand, she insisted on joining in. So the new plan is that she doesn't get glitter and sparklies since at 18 months, she'd just try and eat them, and we'll do hers first and then Grace will get a chance while Nikki naps.  I have no idea where I got the shellack from.  It's been in my sewing/craft closet for years, and since I can hear things sloshing around, I'm hopeful that it will still work.  I suppose this could be called, "keep the kids out of the kitchen" crafts! 

Really though, Thanksgiving will be interesting as our oven broke this week.  We're pretty sure we know what's wrong, and we're also pretty sure that getting it fixed this week isn't going to happen!  Tomorrow, we'll have glitter covered kids, so stay tuned!

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