Sunday, November 11, 2012

New words

Nikki learned a new word this past week--Puke.  Yeah, that's right!  She talks a lot more than most 18-month-olds do and has a bigger-than-average vocabulary. (It's the second child thing, I think.)  But this was a new one... and she learned it because of first-hand-experience.  Last week at this time, she was throwing up, and so was Grace.  They spent most of the week recovering, 'cause this was a particularly nasty strain of stomach flu.  And then I spent Friday and yesterday doing the same thing.  Needless to say, there wasn't much else going on here.  Fever and chills follow the throwing up, which is the stage I'm at now.  Joanna offered to keep them at home last week, but 1) we'd already been exposed at the contagious stage and 2) she really couldn't afford to miss work.  Chances were that I'd already caught it anyway, so we told her to send them over.  The entredeux I ordered early last month finally arrived so I can finish the pinafores for the Psycho Billy Cadillac Christmas Dresses... which I'll do as soon as I get over the hot and cold stage.  Here's to hoping that everybody else is well!  :)

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