Friday, July 30, 2010

How to measure your toddler

If your toddler is anything like mine, measuring him or her is pretty much an impossibility.  My niece, Gracie, whom I do most of my sewing for, goes from a sweet, tractable child to screaming, crying, red-faced monster in 3.5 seconds when you try to measure her or get her to try on  something you've just finished making.  From listening to that child, one would think you're doing something horrible to her by running a measuring tape around her chest or arm!

Don't get me wrong--she loves measuring tapes.  Gracie steals them whenever the opportunity presents!  She just hates anyone trying to measure her!

I've given up trying to measure her... while she's awake.  Just about the only thing she has tantrums over is Auntie Laura trying to find out what size she is.  So here's my favored method.

Wait until she's fallen asleep, preferably in someone's arms so that they can help.  Tiptoe over to her, and slide the measuring tape underneath her. Slowly and carefully  tighten it to get your measurement.  Write that down.  Get your accomplice to lift the baby slightly so you can get the measuring tape back.  While you're at it, measure the kid's arm because you'll probably need that, too.  Write that down.  Get your accomplice to lay the baby on her back with her legs straight out.  Measure from neck to knee and neck to ankle.  Write those down, too.

If you've managed to make it this far without her waking up congratulations!  If at any time, the toddler has woken up, distract with kisses, cuddles, tickles, and if all else fails, cookies or cake!

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