Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crazy Craft of the month: Custom Coloring book

Did you know that there are tons and tons of sites where you can print coloring book pages on the internet?  I found them last year when I was looking for Cookie Monster pictures for Bit to color.  This one is my favorite, because they've got a fairly comprehensive site.  It's got a little of everything!  Bit sits on my lap, and together we choose what to print.

You do need to choose "print pages 1 to 1" so as to not waste paper.  But the notebook keeps them from getting wadded up and in order, and I keep the binder 3-hole-punch inside the notebook.  The graphics on the front came from googling "crayons" and then adding the text in paint. 

I will never have to buy a coloring book again.

When her interests change, I can almost always find coloring book pages for free online to match.  When the notebook gets full, I can pull out the colored out pages, and simply put in new!

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