Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jalie 2920

Gracie needed some leggings to go under her shorter dresses.  It's consignment season, you see, and she's getting new-to-her dresses that while they fit well, are simply too short for her to not wear something underneath.... well, unless we want everyone to know if she chose to wear the princess undies or the sesame street undies that morning!  Knowing I'd eventually be making her some leggings, I bought Jalie 2920, because she'll never outgrow it!

I love the range of sizes--I get a lot of bang for my buck with Jalie patterns.    This one goes from 2T to women's 22.

My only quibble with it is how short they turned out.  Maybe because it's that Bit is so tall, and all leg, but there's no way these would have reached her ankles.

While I did remove three inches from the bottom, because I wanted them capri length, they would have still been two-three inches too short.

I've seen several pairs of boutique-style leggings lately with ruffles around the bottom, so me and my rolled hem setting on my serger went to town and made ruffles to go on the bottom. Hard to believe that people are charging $30 for something so simple!

No, I didn't make the dress.  It's a BJ Kids dress that I got for $2 at a consignment sale.  I can't buy the fabric for that!  It has lots of rows of tiny tucks, and the neckline is edged in 1/4" pink cluny lace.  Very pretty! 

I made a 3T, and it was a good fit for Bit.  If I were going for full size leggings, I'd have to measure her inseam to make sure to lengthen them appropriately, but it's a common problem for my leggy little girl.

This is Bit hiding from the camera!

This whole project, from tracing the pattern to the finishing, only took about half an hour.  Easy-breezy-lemon-squeezy sewing!
I can see more leggings in Bit's future--especially if I can get a great deal on four-way-stretch knit again.  I have about a dollar invested in this project.   Not bad for sewing on a budget!

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