Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A New Use for Buttonhole Elastic

We bought Nikki the Bright Starts Sugar Blossom Melodies Bouncer.  The last one we had was a Bright Starts and we were happy with it, so it was pretty much a no-brainer.    The first attempt at this one was a failure because one of the back corner braces wouldn't stay engaged, so we returned it.  We ordered another and after I got it put together, I noticed some flaws.

Lucky for us, all that required to fix them was the ability to rip out a seam, sew on snaps, and sew on a button!

The pillow wasn't held on with anything.  I thought about velcro, but I need to be able to adjust it as Penny grows.  So I broke out the buttonhole elastic.  I can change where it buttons, and while it's probably not the most elegant solution, it works!

And as for the toys that were supposed to come off but don't--I ripped out the stitches holding the toys on the straps and sewed on snaps.  Now they really are removable!

This is the kind of sewing my Mom taught all six of us kids--survival sewing.  She made sure that all of us could patch things, sew on buttons, and put up a fallen hem.  It was part of the 'life skills' that my parents insisted all of us learn.  It didn't stick with my brothers.  They still bring me things to patch and buttons to sew on.  Yes, even Jared, the married one.  (My SIL is a sweetheart, but she barely knows one end of a needle from the other!)

I took it further, and learned how to sew for real.  My sister has delusions of sewing (she buys materials but has yet to make anything in four years!)  and brings me incomplete projects to finish for her....

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