Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas sewing.

I've put the coats temporarily on hold.  I'm so far behind this year it's not even funny!  This time last year, we were picking up the Christmas pictures.  This year, well...  I'm nowhere close.  I think I can manage what my SIL asked me to do, the toys for the kids, and the Christmas outfits for Bit and Boo.  Everything else will be IOUs for after Christmas--IOUs with fabric scraps pinned on them.  I was planning on scarves, hats, and mittens all around, but I doubt I'll manage them.  Maybe the scarves, seeing as there's no real sewing involved, and I can hand them over to my mom to do the fringe.  Three cut on the rotary cutting mat, two lines of stitching, and I hand it over to Mom and have at least one present.  Heck, the pictures may be an IOU this year!  All I have done is Boo's fluffy undies, and we've just got the collar embroidery left.  Wish me luck--I'll need it.  As soon as Bit's undies are done, I'll post pictures. And then the dresses after that.

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