Monday, December 26, 2011

The Georgia Tech nightgown AKA. Obsession!

We are a Tech family.  My sister, my brother-in-law, and my two younger brothers went there.  Sarah and Jared both have bachelors from there, while Geoff and Shane have Masters... and both of them are in process of working towards doctorates.  All from Tech.  Perhaps it shouldn't have been a surprise when I was asked by my SIL for help in making Jared a present--a Tech nightgown for her.  Apparently, for years, he's been annoying her by telling her she needed one--but the RTW ones don't come in plus sizes.

I can get my hands on collegiate cotton-

Which was fine with her.  I warned her that it would require ironing, but she's a little used to it by now because of the dresses I make for the girls... which are mostly in cotton because it's washable.

And then she picked out the pattern, which due to the large disparity in sizing between RTW women's clothing and patterns, required heavy altering using the slash and spread method.

We settled on view D, which since there's a 10 inch difference between her chest and waist (two pregnancies!) was probably the easiest to alter.  I also lengthened it to around knee length (another 10 inches) and changed the straps to tie-at-the-shoulder straps.    All-in-all, I added 14 inches around.

It fits, and it's what she wanted, so I'm fairly sure  it's a success.  I think, though, I'll have to insist on Butterick plus sizes if she wants anything more complicated.  They're closer to RTW sizing than McCalls, Vogue, or Simplicity, and come in more sizes!

And to think (Oh, my eyes!) that this might be responsible for my next niece or nephew!  *sigh* Men and football!

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