Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Well, y'all, as I frantically clean the house because with a baby here, I'm behind, I hope y'all get to relax and have a nice holiday.  (And yes, I'm aware I sound like a grumpy housewife)  I still have to do the mopping and scrub down the bathroom, and I'm sure Bit won't be happy tomorrow when she sees that I moved almost all of the toys out of the living room so we can cram 14 people in here on Sunday.   I still need to gather the scattered DVDs and VHS tapes and put them away and then reorganize Bit's book collection so that it won't fall out of the cubby and attack people.

So from everybody here on Granny Lane, have a Merry Christmas or a happy holiday for whatever you celebrate!  :)   Now to go put the DVDs away so that I can see the top of the TV, cable box, and tables like I can now see my floor!

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