Thursday, February 9, 2012


And so they sit, mocking me with their UF status.  But in my defense, the house is almost all packed and moved out.  Oh, the girls' toys and books are still here, and the kitchen and bathroom are works in progress, but the dressers and closets are empty, the surfaces are mostly cleared, the bookshelves are empty of all but dust, and the kitchen cabinets have been cleared of 3/4 of the breakables.  Don't get me wrong--there's still a lot of stuff in the kitchen.  But with all the pottery decorating the tops of the kitchen cupboards and the fancy dishes, etc, there was a lot of ceramic and glassware in there.  half a dozen packing boxes and a half ton of bubblewrap later, and we'll be finished tomorrow... hopefully.  The toys are mostly out of the living room and in the bonus room for easy removal from the house on the day of, which Bit hates.  There are very few toys in the main part of the house right now.  And, well, the bonus room doesn't have heat, and there's a step down, so the door is kept shut.  Nikki can't handle steps yet.  She's still working on walking.  I'm going to try and get going tomorrow, while the girls are here and I have help with them.  :) I'm hoping to finish the lace insetting that I've already begun, because I know I won't be able to do any more--Gracie will want to "help" and Nikki will want to eat the dress!

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