Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Here we go again!

Sorry for the radio silence, but the entire family has been sick with the plague.  Okay, it was really just a bad case of flu and cold together, but since all of us wished for death, I think the plague counts! ;)

The Special Occasion Wear challenge over on Project Run and Play got me off my butt with the Christmas dresses.  I mean, they've been planned since October, I've been gathering materials since July, and I've had them cut out for almost a month! It never fails, though.  Every time I do double needle pintucks, I sew through a finger or a thumb.  And this is no exception.  I did a bang-up good job on it, too.  This time, it was both needles.  The both broke off, and one of them was sticking out of my thumb!

Anyway, the major construction on the dress is done.  the T-yoke is successfully installed, the entire skirt is there--I just need to finish the pintucks, and add the lace fancy band.  I'll try and document to explain how, exactly it insert lace into fabric.  I've never found a decent tutorial on how to do it.  Weirdly enough, I learned from my sewing machine manual.  Remember, this is a  Pfaff 1222E, which was state-of-the-art in 1965.    I also have to redo the yoke embroidery.  See, somehow I managed to get it so crooked across the grain that it would be inadvisable to actually use it, so I cut a new, straight grain yoke and started over.  So the embroidery will be one of my last steps.  I'm aiming for Friday for my finish date for Bit's dress.  We'll see. 

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