Thursday, April 18, 2013

Found... and a much begged-for project

Found the scissors!  And they were in the ottoman... where I'd already looked!

Ever since Christmas, Gracie has been begging for a "green dinosaur" for her new baby brother.  Now, I have a lot of Georgia Tech fleece, so, because this is her "0 birthday" present for Baby Alex, I asked if I could use that.  Nope.  Only a green dinosaur would do...  But it could have bumblebee/Georgia Tech spots, spines, and feet.  And using the other two bee fabrics I have took some convincing!

There isn't a lot of fabric to this project because it's a small toy--just right for a small child or a baby.  Really, the spots and spines can be done with scraps, and there's maybe 1/4" yard of green fabric in the toy.

This is the same Dilbert the Dinosaur pattern I used for Gracie's psychedelic pink dinosaur that I made her for Christmas.  I've found that fleece is a fairly good fabric for stuffed toys because it's fuzzy, wears well, and doesn't fray along raw-edged seams.

It's a cute pattern, but turning the spikes is a nightmare!  It requires the smallest tube turner they make and a little bit of swearing... though it wasn't as bad this time.    And I have to admit, I didn't exactly follow the instructions this time.  I've made it before, so I powered through it.  I also changed out the felt eye for safety eyes and embroidered a smile on his face.

And of course, once it was done, he needed something. He just didn't look complete!  With the girls, I'd tie a bow around the toy's neck.  But this is for a baby, so I didn't want dangling ribbons for both a safety issue and the fact that it's for a little boy.

Lucky me, I have some licensed Tech ribbon in my stash that made a perfect collar for Alex's "pet"!



  1. Super cute! I've made that pattern too - sewing up the last part of the legs is what killed me! I was a pink one so i named her Darla :) Ps. Found you on the Sew Can Do link party! I'm a new follower!

    1. This is my second. :) The first one was sorta pink... more like psychedelic. Not sure if I took picture in the Christmas present making frenzy! Always nice to have a new reader. :) Welcome!