Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lost and not found.... yet

Life with an active, curious toddler in the house means that I'm forever taking things away from her and putting them up higher.  Last week, I took my shears away from her... and now I can't find 'em.  Yep.  Gone.  They're not where I thought I put them, nor in my usual stashing-away-from-Nikki area.  And there's no way I'm blowing the money on a new pair when I have a perfectly good pair of scissors that were just sharpened last month.  I've cleaned out my living room stash corner, searched through the messy inside of the ottoman, and plumbed the couch cushions.  After the girls go to bed, it's time to check under the couch....  Wish me luck.

Has this ever happened to you?


  1. Ha! My good friend misplaced her wedding ring in much the same way. The good news is she DID find it again, six months later!

  2. In our house, we always say, "you'll find it as soon as you buy a new one." And it's true!