Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kids clothes week.

Well, letssee...  Day 1 I prepared the patterns and basted the embroidery transfers to fabric.  Day 2, I stamped the embroidery, cut out the pattern, embroidered one onesie, screwed it up, and picked it out, and then basted the pleats for the romper.  Day 3, I did all the embroidery, and today I finished preparing the pleats, cut out the lining, pressed all the pieces again, and prepared stencils for the extra onesies I have lying around.  Since they're 0-3 months, I need to get them done and home with Joanna!  Yeah, I'm doing more decorating commercial pieces this time.  But I've got more to do lately.  Tomorrow, I'm going to sew together the romper, and hopefully, tonight, I'll paint one of the onesies.  I love freezer paper stenciling!

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