Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vintage clothing reality show

I admit it.  I've become a reality TV junkie.  Oh, mostly not the game shows like Survivor.  Well, Project Runway is the one of those I watch.  Not quite as fun now as it used to be--for one, Mom's not here to make fun of the runway looks with me anymore, and the quality of their contestants has gone down.  And yeah, I love Toddlers and Tiaras and Dance Moms--which my entire family makes fun of me for!    (Except Gracie.  She loves the sparkles, and that was why she got the Rapunzel dress last year.  She wanted a "fancy dress"!)   Partly, it's because that's what is on television these days.  Mostly, though, I love things like Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, and Auction Kings where I get to see strange and marvelous things.  Guess it comes from addiction to the original--Antiques Roadshow

My latest, though, is L.A. Frock Stars on the Smithsonian channel.  It's about a vintage clothing store in L.A. named "The Way We Wore".  If they only had a kids' section, it would be perfect!  They specialize in designer vintage clothing, and the entire half hour is eye candy.  They also rent the space next door as a "design inspiration" space that's stuffed with goodies.  Oh, the stuff they showed off last week!  Lots of lovely, HTF vintage ribbon.  I was wiping drool away.  GIMME! 

Their prices, though, illustrate why if one wants vintage, one sews their own.  I suppose there are less expensive vintage stores.  Actually, I know there are.  But if I ever want to dress in vintage style, I'd need to make my own, anyway because of my non-standard size.  Considering all of the "designer" patterns that have been released over the years, though, with a bit of sewing skill you could easily make your own instead of dropping hundreds of dollars on one dress.

So have y'all been watching this one?  What do you think about the clothing they show off?

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  1. I like to watch Dance Moms, too, and my whole family thinks I am crazy! LOL