Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fabric choices.

This weekend, (read: yesterday... bad idea on Sunday ;) ) I've been working on the vampire pumpkin costumes.  I think I've successfully redrafted the pattern two inches smaller than size 1/2.  And I dug out fleece from donations for the padding (which, BTW it calls for in the instructions, but not on the back of the pattern envelope!) from my donated boxes of fabric.  Yay, free!

After reading the instructions and pattern envelope both, I started thinking of fabric choices.  Unless it's stretch knits, I usually take what's on the pattern envelope as a suggestion.  In this case, I think they're totally insane!

Obviously, whoever thought of it doesn't live in the South.

First of all, they want the jumpsuit in velour.  I decided I wanted something that can be recycled as clothing later, so I went to the pattern stash and pulled my leggings pattern and a leotard pattern.  They'll get more use that way.  I could still do both out of velour, I think--especially if I used stretch velour.  But then I read more.  The pumpkin part is fully lined with an underlining of the aforementioned fleece and also made from velour.  Let's do a count--three layers of velour combined with a layer of fleece.  In Georgia.  Riiight. 

Can we say heatstroke?

Don't get me wrong, I am underlining in fleece.  But the rest of the pumpkin is poly/cotton broadcloth.  And the leggings, shoecovers (which I'll gank from a different pattern) and leotard are all going to be lycra/spandex.  And the hat will be of the same fabrics.I'm putting alligator clips on the hats, and using an orange headband to attach them to.  It's going to look more like a pumpkin lid than the poofy hat from the base pattern.

Sometimes, I think you really have to just ignore the crud out of the pattern envelopes in regards to fabric.  I swear, this costume is meant to keep a child warm in really cold weather! And, well, here in Georgia, it'll most likely be in the 60s and rainy--not really cold at all!

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