Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No more orange!

Simplicity 8429 copyright 1978
The road to this project is a little twisted.  You see, I'm already committed to making Christmas dresses for Bit and Boo for pictures this year, and to give their dresses the necessary fluff, I need petticoats.  So I started looking to price them.  Because, well, if I can buy it cheaper than I can make it, why not?  I all but puked when I discovered that one in 6-9 months is $30!  So I needed patterns.  Enter Simplicity 8429. I was originally looking at the green one.  It has a zipper back, but a few tweaks can change that into a shoulder button.  Most likely, I'll still be making it or something like it as a petticoat later on.

Front of dress
Anyway, pumpkins have currently moved up in Bit's affections.  She's completely in love with them right now.  And while I was mired in her Halloween costume, she asked me for a pumpkin dress.  And lucky for me, I tripped over some inexpensive pumpkin fabric... Or should I say massively discounted designer pumpkin fabric!  (If anyone tells you that it's not possible to use quilting fabric for apparel, they're... misled.  It depends on the fabric, and usually, the 'designer'  fabric is a nice quality cotton with a soft hand and good drape.  The only downside is that it requires ironing!)

close up of fabric and bows
There is one thing--the middle panel on the bottom of the skirt is shorter than the middle panel of the middle of the skirt.  Next time, I'm adding some length to it!  This was also the first sewing project in which I let Bit do any sewing.  And some thread cutting with her kids scissors.  She's been asking me to teach her how to sew for the past six months, and while I'd never allow her to do it by herself at this age, I did let her stand between my legs and guide the fabric.  And thanks to Casey, I managed the easiest and best lapped zipper installation ever.  It's not perfect, but it's the best I've ever done!  (I much prefer buttons!)  It looks better on, but Bit wasn't in the mood for modeling because she wanted to be a pumpkin, not wear them.  But she'll most likely wear it to church Sunday, so I'll get pictures then.  It looks so big!  It's sad, but my baby niece is growing up. 

back of dress
I'm proud of myself for the zipper.  The lap isn't--quite--even, but I managed to install one without spending an hour cussing it out!  The bright orange ribbon on the dress goes all the way around, and the bows help, I think, to give a focal point to hopelessly busy fabric.  It helps that she has bows to match!

Tomorrow, I'm starting on coats.   It's about to get cold again, so they're going to need them.  And I need to make a quick muslin for Boo out of scrap because according to Pattern Review, Butterick 4009 runs to huge!

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