Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween madness

Dee and Jay
I'd intended on finishing the wearable muslin for Boo's winter coat today, but circumstances prevented it--Bit did a fantastic (and no, I'm not being sarcastic) job of splitting the seam in her leggings today at a Halloween party, so guess who got to fix it?  Sewing time was in short supply today, anyway, because of Trunk or Treat at church.  A lot of churches in the area are doing it tomorrow, but, well, a party like that doesn't seem right for Sunday, so we did it tonight... with the other two congregations that meet in our building.  It was fun, but a total madhouse! 

The pic is my adopted niece and nephew.  See, we unofficially adopted their mom and vice versa after my dad died.  Lee is the sweetest person alive and we needed each other right then.  Isn't Dee the cutest tiger you've ever seen?  And, well, Jay is really into ninjas right now.  :D

Bit managed to rip three inches of seam out today, so my SIL brought it to me for repair.  The actual fixing didn't take long, but threading the serger did!  I swear, I love that machine, but I hate spending an hour rethreading it every time I have to change thread.  Knotting works well... unless you're switching to wooly nylon.  Bit and Boo were adorable, too.

Boo playing with Uncle Geoffrey's hair.
Bit on Uncle Geoffrey's lap

They wore their pumpkins to story time Tuesday, a Halloween party this morning, and to the church party today.  And Monday is Trick-or-treating, too!  We're going to bake pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies and Bit will help us decorate them Monday.  Sad thing is, we won't get any trick-or-treaters here.  That's the sad part of living on a gravel road with only one other house--they skip our street, so we don't get to see the costumes!

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