Friday, October 14, 2011

A letter to ebay sellers

Dear ebay sellers,

First of all, you know who you and you and you are...  Old does not necessarily mean rare.  Children grow.  That means that children's patterns are more plentiful than adult patterns.  As in--not rare.  Old does not mean valuable, either.  The most expensive kids' patterns are usually around $16.  Yes, that's right--$16.  Less than the retail price of some modern patterns that I can walk into the nearest craft store and purchase.  And another newsflash--most moderately competent seamstresses, like me, can actually take any pattern that looks vaguely like the ones you're trying to mint money with and reproduce it from the picture alone if she or he is feeling ambitious.  Which I'm not.  I have too much else to do!

Laura of Granny Lane Sewing

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