Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sickie Thursday

As I sit here up to my elbows in both fabric and used tissues, I'm wondering what it is, exactly that makes babies want to eat said dirty Kleenexes. The fabric I understand.  It is, after all, brightly colored and pretty.  It's the used tissues I don't get--and the used ones are apparently better than the clean ones, probably because I've yet to let her chew on one.  And I'm thankful that they're not here today with the way I currently feel. 

I'm not looking to get much done today.  Everyone has a bad cold, including me.  And my darling nieces are the culprit, because they had it first.  The only thing I'm planning on doing is figuring out which sleeves belong to which dress, and label the dresses so that we know which dress belongs to whom.   After all, as they are, they look *exactly* the same.  Happy Thursday.  I'm going to cuddle under an afghan, hibernate, and eat triple double oreos.

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