Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Craft Fail

Not everything I do turns out.  Case in point--Rapunzel hair.  Gracie is required to dress as a storybook character for Preschool on Halloween, and since she already had a Tangled costume, we decided that Rapunzel was the way to go.

The idea was that by buying weave hair, we could make the hair for $4 instead of the $20 the commercial hairpiece costs.  And that much yarn, aside from being pricey, is heavy!  So I bought the two lightest colors of cheap braiding hair from the local beauty supply, cut pink and purple sparkly ribbons, and did my best.  And the result--a snarled, hopelessly tangled mess! 

We'll still fix Gracie's hair as we planned, and she'll still wear her My-Aunt-Laura-Made-It-For-Me Rapunzel dress.  But instead of a homemade Rapunzel wig, well, we cheated.  I may have to make adjustments to it, but she'll be wearing a commercial Disney hairpiece.  Lucky for me, it was on sale on their website and I had a coupon, so it was only $12 instead of $20.  I just wish I hadn't bought the kaneklon!


  1. Usually no. I wouldn't let her wear hairpieces outside of costumes. But what is Rapunzel without her hair? Without the wig, it's just a general princess costume.

  2. Ahh, kanekelon is a lot of fun to play with, but it's not made for wearing flowing like hair. As you observed, too tangled! It works great for braids and dreadlocks. After braiding or dreading the hair you hit it with a steamer and it sets the hair (plastic) and helps it keep the shape. I hear you can chuck it in boiling water as well, but that only ever worked for me when I wrapped them around perming rods to keep it all contained. Made fabulous curls though! SO don't feel bad, that stuff is kind of crazy.

  3. But it was supposed to be braided. :) I've worked with kankelon before. I used to spend a lot of time restoring dolls for extra money, and doll hair is kankelon... though the doll hair is a lot more expensive! I started with rubber-banding off half of it and braiding enough for a "crown". Then I brought it together and put the rest of the hair over it and rubber banded that. It was after that bit that it got completely screwed up! (It would've worked with yarn!)