Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Kids' Clothes Week Challenge is coming up next week, and I signed up, so it's time for a bit of project planning.  Number 1 on my list is the Christmas dresses.  I've already started them, and my goal is to have them done by the end of next week--embroidery and all.  Actually, I'd love to have them both finished by this coming Monday (October 8).  That way, I have time to schedule Christmas pictures and talk it over with Joanna while Grace has the week off.  We're going with Sears, because they're far and away the most affordable.  My only hang up might be the silk satin ribbon that I have on order.  I need it to show up!

Number 2 is winter dresses.  I'm starting with one, because both kiddos have some just not enough.  I'm planning three each, though they'll be spread out. 

Number 3 is the jeans project.  I'm planning a jean jumper, coordinating blouse, and actual jeans in a bumblebee theme.  I have matching socks and hairbows already (I like completely coordinated outfits!) so that they can bee tricked out for Georgia Tech game days in real clothes.  (The mascot for the Georgia Institute of Technology is a yellow jacket names Buzz)  I recognize that due to the fact that I ordered bumblebee patches as the most cost effective way to get them, (They retail for $2.50 for two at Joanns, but I can get 20 for $8.54 off ebay.) I might not finish that project, either!

I'd like to do the overalls I have planned, but the McCalls patterns don't go on sale until next Thursday.  So, instead, project number 4 is bubble skirts with coordinating tops.  I think those are quite enough to get through by the end of KCWC!  I just hope I can keep up the pace and finish all of my planned projects before Christmas!

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