Monday, October 8, 2012

KCWC-- day one

Today, I managed to finish off the collars and cuffs of what I'm now calling the "Psycho Billy Christmas dresses", sewed the beading lace on the bodices, and got the collars and cuffs pinned in place.  Doesn't sound like a lot, does it?  But the beading lace is scallops, and the trim on the collars and cuffs is sewn together with a faggoting stitch.  That's actually a beginning to why this is a Psycho Billy dress!  (Yes, Johnny Cash--One Piece at a Time... one of my favorite songs!)

See, fagotting was most often used in Victorian lingerie.  I need to work a bit on consistency, but it was a new thing for me. :) Next, came the dress bodice and skirt--which both patterns came from the 50s.  The sleeves are straight out of the sixites, and the pinafores are from the 30s in one case, and the 40s in the other!  And I'm frankenpatterning all of it together to make matching dresses for the girls...or mostly matching.

See, Imp's (story behind that in a bit!) dress only has two lines of lace on the bodice, while Bit's has four.  Smaller bodice, less lace!  Other than that, they match.

Nicole has earned the nickname Imp lately.  I wouldn't trade her for anything and I love her to pieces, but she has a mischievous streak a mile wide.  She gets into everything, no matter how much I have it locked up, and lately she threw away my buttonhole foot!  (So yeah, if anybody has an extra buttonhole foot for a Pfaff 1222E, part # 93-040 924-91, I'd be happy to pay you for it!)  And I'm sure that she's thrown out lots of things that we didn't catch her at!  Nikki gets this look on her face that by now we know means trouble.. which is why her new name is Imp!

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