Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Babies and sewing

Bit helped sew her pumpkin dress... was it last week or the week before?  It's hard for me to believe that she'll be in preschool next year.  :D In fact, since she already loves books, I'm going to get some use out of my education degree and teach her to read and write before she starts school.  Well, maybe not write.  It depends on if she's gotten the fine motor coordination necessary to write before then.  She'll at least be able to write her name! Anyway, it's been so long since Bit was Boo's age that I'd forgotten how challenging it is to sew with a baby in the house.  I spend more time feeding changing and playing with Boo than I do at my machine--I still haven't managed to finish cutting out the coats.  True, between the wool, lining, and hair canvas interfacing, I'm effectively cutting out the same project three times.  But well, Boo and Bit come first and sewing projects are usually relegated to days off--which I haven't had lately. Add to that my minor snafu--I ran out of hair canvas.  Now, the fabric stores in my area don't carry it.  so it has to be ordered.  *sigh* Which leaves me waiting.  In the meantime, I'm going to get as much prep work done as I can, and perhaps sew up Bit's new jeans.  She's getting to the almost desperate stage where she's wearing the same two pairs all the time.  The 4Ts are too big (4T shirts and leggings fit, though) and most of the 3Ts are too small.  Maybe I'll do a dress this weekend. Since her arm grew, I bet her legs did, too, which renders my last set of measurements moot.

'Sides, both of them need new dresses.  And I need to write up the vampire pumpkin costumes for the Simplicity Halloween contest....  And hooray for me!  I have three full child-free days to sew in!  I love them, but there are days that I'm sooo glad to send them home! 

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