Sunday, November 27, 2011

frustration and passive-aggressive revenge

My sister, my BIL, and their two kids decided not to come Thanksgiving.  Fine, but I could've used a day's notice that they weren't coming rather than an hour.  Instead, we were informed that they were coming today so I could measure her kids and that we were to feed them.  They could have asked. Instead, I guess I have to make something for her kids that will end up wadded up in the back of a drawer, unworn.

Fine.  She wants me to make them clothes, I'll make them clothes!  Before Christmas,  I'll try and make matching sailor suits.  Cute as hell, and my sister claims to hate them.  And frankly, her kids need all the help they can get in the cuteness department.  Bit and Boo are so much cuter that it's not even funny!

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