Sunday, November 20, 2011

Coats again

Because the views Bit picked have pressed-in pleats, I've been doing extensive research.  I mean, what works for cotton, won't necessarily work for wool, right?  And I read somewhere that wool will completely retain the vinegar smell, so it's not a great idea to use the vinegar and water method to set the pleats the way you would for cotton. 

After much research, I've decided on a three-combo approach.  Turns out that while pad stitching is great for soft rolls on lapels and collars, it won't work the way I was thinking.  However, Gigi Sews has a fantastic pleating tip, and I can edgestitch in the back from there.  It won't show from the front, but will keep the pleat where it needs to be.  For the outside pleat edges, I'm going to do something like a hemstitch on the inside of those edges to keep them together, which also won't show.

According to Gertie, the lining pleats should be feather stitched.  Her illustrations look a bit messy to me, but I'm taking that suggestion.  And I'm planning on going a little further, and feather stitching any place where the lining meets the wool after it's been whip stitched together.  I bought some thread that coordinates with the colors of the lining and the wool.  More updates later... when I actually get something done!  (Sewing with babies in the house is difficult.)

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