Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Goals

I refuse to call them resolutions, because I rarely manage to follow through on those.  And I want to follow through.

1)  More sewing, less planning.  And that includes fabric buying.  (I think I have enough, don't you?)   I have a tendency to plan ten projects ahead of where I'm sewing.  While that means that I always know what's next, it also means that I've acquired the supplies for projects hat I sometimes never get to!

2) Get organized.  I've made some headway on this one.  And hopefully, it'll help with #1.

3) Finish last year's UFOs.  It's not as bad as it sounds.  That means I need to finish the coats and the Christmas dresses.  The hard part is just getting started!

4)  Make what I've already promised to make.  That means that I need to get off my keister  and make dresses for the girls.  I have the fabric, patterns, and notions, after all!  And overalls for both, and jeans for Bit.  The jeans have been promised for over a year!

5) I've had the Penny's and Alina's quilts mapped out for a year.  I need to make those, too!  It is, after all, what the matched sets of fabric I purchased are for!

That's just about it.  This year, I also intend to start the handmade Christmas presents around June, and the kids' birthday presents around February.  That way, I won't be scrambling at the last minute.  So what do y'all have planned for the new year?  What are your goals, or dare I say it, resolutions?

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