Friday, January 13, 2012

Not sewing, but...

Today, I mended the lid of the toilet tank.  Which is why I'm not sewing tonight--my living room/sewing room stinks to high heaven from the epoxy and ceramic repair stuff.  The end result isn't all that pretty, but we cover it up anyway, so it doesn't matter.  The Gorilla Glue I stuck it together with originally just wasn't cutting it--it had come apart.  In fact, when I tried to pick up the big pieces, one of the smaller ones fell out!  My brothers broke it last year when they had to pull the toilet up to put on a new wax ring.  Hopefully, this new stuff will hold.  It's supposed to be waterproof (yay!) and made for ceramic and porcelain.  Hopefully, we'll be back to sewing tomorrow, and I have (for cuteness) pictures and videos of Boo in her new Cookie Monster shirt!

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