Monday, January 23, 2012

The problem with packing

Okay, right now, I have the coats and the dresses to finish, right?  And I thought I had all the materials, too.  Wrong!  The very expensive vintage blue silk velvet ribbon I bought to trim the coats and matching hats is, at the moment, missing.  Oh, I know where it is--in one of the bins in storage!  Most likely, it will be found... in three months when everything gets moved back and my supplies go live in the black hole again.

That's the problem with moving. Things you knew where are aren't there anymore.  I mean, the thread I bought to featherstitch the coats is gone, too!  Ah, well, at least embroidery thread is cheap.  And it's not like it'll never get used, anyway.  I mean, I embroider.  I have various colors of thread all over and all of it will eventually be used up.

I went on ebay and found a cheaper replacement for my ribbon.  It's a rayon velvet ribbon, wider than the first.  And while it's not as close of a color match, the darker blue should look good against the french blue of the coats and hats.

Found the thread!  I have a couple shopping bags that I'm keeping in the house--they'll be put in the car and go with us on fumigation day--and it was in there.  Now I don't have to buy it!  ;) The cheapskate's law--buy it once and keep track of it!

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