Sunday, January 1, 2012

Organizational progress


After a long day of going after more bins when I ran out of space, and ferrying boxes and bags of fabric back and forth, here's my result! Yes, it's still cluttered as anything, but by the time I'd sorted through all of it, I was too tired to get it back in the closet, so my brother helped.  Next weekend, I'll arrange it better, so I can actually get into the closet.  The bags are mostly scraps, which I need to go through and decide what's big enough to keep and what needs donated on freecycle.

But my organizational quest is far from over!  After all, I haven't touched the top shelves yet, that large bag in the bottom corner is full of ribbon (I hope that the two racks designed to hold 70+ reels of ribbon I ordered are enough!) and, well, let's just say that Bit won't be allowed into my room to play with the dollies anytime soon.  After all, there's still the crate tower that didn't make it back into the closet! (And yes, that's Bit's toddler bed.  I got it off freecycle.  It was the only place it would fit, and we do, sometimes, have her overnight.)

And then there's the tower of patterns-to-be-sold... And I discovered a bag of patterns I haven't gone through yet!  A lady from church donated seven garbage bags of patterns to me a while back.  I thought I'd gone through them all, but today I found another bag in the back of the closet! I filed the to-sell ones in boxes last summer and stuck them in my clothes closet, but haven't done anything else.  And now I have another bag to go through, but that can wait until after the pest problem is resolved.

And that's the rest of the mess in my room.  Mainly patterns, with a bit of fabric and notions thrown in for good measure.  But, alas, it's not the end of my organizational nightmare.  I have two large boxes (think large moving boxes) of donated fabric to go through, my desk is a nightmare of patterns and small notions, and some of my supplies are also currently in the bonus room!  So I'll fix it all--eventually.

In the meantime, how do y'all store your patterns?  I've outgrown last year's filing system and patterns are piling up everywhere!

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