Saturday, January 14, 2012

Progress and plans

In the midst of packing, I managed to sew the continuous lap on the skirt of the over slip, get the darting done on the slip bodice, and sew the various bodice bits together.  I also started the process of refinishing Bit's new-to-her child's table and chairs. (And yes, that's a Cookie Monster bow on Penny's head!) 

I also tested the replacement paint tubes by painting another white onesie that I had laying around.  This time, they work well, so I don't have to return anything.  Tomorrow, well, I thought maybe we'd talk about continuous lap, because it's pretty much an unfamiliar term that doesn't show up much in modern sewing, but it does in vintage!  The only modern, big 4 pattern that I can think of that mentions it is McCalls 4424.  It does, however, show up in some 'heirloom' patterns and quite a few vintage patterns.  And truthfully, I'd rather avoid doing it because it's a pain and I don't like the gathers that result at the bottom on the lap.  More about that tomorrow, though! 

Since most of my sewing supplies are going into storage this next week (I'll be able to move them back in on a project-by-project basis.) I'm going to do some long-put-off furniture refinishing.  I have the supplies.  We're going painted and it's going to be in white and pastels. 

This is the table.  The finish is really screwed up, and there's paint or some kind of drips on it.  The chairs have woven cane seats, and I'm not touching those, but the rest of the chairs will be painted to match.  These are yard sale finds, and with the astronomical prices of child-sized furniture, I figure $15 plus paint is a deal.  I'm also repainting a $10 yard sale toy box (it's wood, too) that I kind screwed up the finish on getting all the stickers off it.  It was painted, anyway, so it repainting it won't hurt.  I should probably replace the hinge on it while I'm at it, because the old one doesn't work properly! 

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