Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pattern stash pack up

I've been a busy little bee packing up my patterns to go to storage.  Truthfully, I've been procrastinating, just because my stash is, well, big.  Here it is, mostly packed up.  As in, I've left the top box open just in case I find a couple more to squeeze in there.  And the Lowe's medium boxes are pretty big, actually-- 16"H x 18"W x 18".  Fully packed they're heavy and hard to lift.

Perhaps I should have counted them like Peter did.Or think about displaying them like Tilly did.  Instead, I sorted and organized them.  Now, they're stuffed into two boxes in categories--Infant, 1/2 & 6 mos, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, out of print multi-sized, in print multi-sized, crafts, vintage multi-sized (I have several in multiple sizes... as in the same pattern just in two-five sizes, and I wanted to keep those 2-5 patterns together), and a small box of WIPs inside the top box that I'm planning to use in the near future.  After the fumigation, I'm going to start saving for an actual filing system.  Maybe it will end up being bins, I don't know.  What I do know is that two rows of patterns fit in these moving boxes, and they're stacked two deep plus some on top!  I have a feeling that there's probably at least 200 patterns in those boxes, easily!

The sewing closet is almost empty.  My sewing cabinet has been emptied out.  I have a few more caches to clean out, and then everything except what I'm working on right now has been put into storage.  We still have a few closets to clean out, and my dresser is recently unblocked, (it had the contents of my bookshelves stacked around it in boxes!) so I should be able to finish this week.   It's been a long process packing around the needs of a toddler and a baby!


  1. Here's an idea when you get around to unpacking those boxes. Go to a comic book store and buy a couple of packages of clear acid free cover bags (they don't cost much). Then put on an old movie and slip your patterns in. Then they will be protected, all the pieces will be there, you can still see everything and they are easier to pack or store next time.
    Also the comic book store lidded boxes called Long Boxes that fit patterns perfectly. If you have large patterns, Vogues and such there are different sized bags and boxes for that size called 'Magazine".
    And if you want they even sell nice plastic dividers that you can use to group sizes or whatever. It's a way to preserve all the hard work you just did.
    Good luck!

  2. Good idea! And we just got a comic book store in my town...