Thursday, July 21, 2011

Car seats!

Yes, yes, this isn't sewing.  But Little Bit has outgrown her convertible infant seat, and truthfully, it's served its life.  It's done, and going out with the garbage on Monday.  So we started looking for a new or new-to-us one.   And we needed an affordable one and since she's old enough for a booster...  But she's not ready for the backless.  My SIL was given a backless one, which she gave to us for LB's use.  But Bit doesn't like it and more importantly, she can get out of it!  And does! Of course, rather than running out the gas, I went on the internet first.  I checked Babies R Us, Kmart, Target, and finally, the bane of my existence-- Wal-Mart.  I admit it!  I'm still mad at Wal-Mart for getting rid of most of the fabric!

Anyway, they had coordinating Cosco car seats--a high back booster and a convertible infant car seat both for $39 each.  Yes, they're glaringly pink, but we've got girls!  And by the time Baby Bit is ready for the booster, LB will be ready for backless.  We figure that by the time Jared and Joanna have a little boy, they'll either have had to move somewhere else, or it, too, will be through.  And I can always just make a new cover for it, using the old one as a pattern.  Or IIRC, I actually have a commercial one. 

Anyway, they're on order, and we'll be able to pick it up next week.  LB is, of course, taken with the fact that it's pink.  And when my sister dumps her kids here for three days, Jeron will just have to deal.  Yes, I'm a mean Auntie!  But the ear protectors we have for toddlers are pink too.  And if he doesn't want to wear them, he doesn't get to ride the 'tractor'.  We don't babysit Sarah's kids much.  And Nikki and Gracie spend a lot of time here.  So naturally, we have toys more for little girls.  And more pink things.  For a little boy who has decided that he doesn't like "girl" stuff....

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