Tuesday, July 5, 2011

early morning stuff

Gracie and Nikki (Little Bit and Baby Bit) are here this morning, which gives me a chance to put LB's new outfit on her!  Definitely looks like a little girl!  The bows in her hair were an experiment, too.

This is mt first successful set of bows.  I made a little set, too, and a pair of clippies.
I made a little mistake lining the alligator clips--I did one upside down. Lucky for me, I was doing tuxedo bows on top, so it doesn't really show. Much.
This is the skirt that a jumper for Nikki is going to come from.  As of right this minute, it's no longer a skirt.  I've taken apart RTW stuff before, but never has it been so easy.  I literally ripped the seams apart with my bare hands. The only thing that didn't come out easily was the hem and the buttonholes.  Which I might leave in place anyway and turn the waistband into straps for Nikki's jumper!  

This wasn't well constructed, I think.  I mean, how good can the construction be when I can grab hold of either side of the seam, pull, and have the entire thing rip apart?  But hey, it's donated fabric, so this is going to be an inexpensive project.  Story time for LB now.

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